B010 Art 1/2 (First Year)
This introductory course includes the development of aesthetic perception skills, creative expression, fine art, heritage, and aesthetic discrimination. Instruction in the care and use of basic tools and equipment is included. 
CSU/UC Requirement: F

B020 Art 3/4 (2nd Year)
Continuation of two dimensional visual arts, advanced drawing, painting, print making and development of a portfolio. Prerequisite: Art 1/2 
CSU/UC Requirement: F

B030 Art 5/6 (3rd Year)
Continuation of advanced art after Art 3/4. 
Prerequisite: Art 3/4 
CSU/UC Requirement: F

B100 3D Design 1/2 (1st Year)
Subject matter in 3D Design is related to the basic principles and elements of art. Emphasis is upon the relation of materials to beauty and function. Projects in clay, wood, plaster of Paris, and other materials are used. 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

B110 3D Design 3/4 (2nd Year) 
This course is open to students who have successfully completed the first year course. Includes a study of natural material beauty and more refined designs. Prerequisite: 3D Design 1/2 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

B210 Photo 1/2 (1st Year) 
Photography covers the fundamentals of the art and technique of black and white photography. Students learn to 
use various types of cameras, from 335mm to digital as they take their own photographs, develop film and print their own pictures in the photography-enlarging lab. Requirement: 35mm camera and provide a $50 fee for film and developing supplies. 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

B220 Photo 3/4 (2nd Year) 
This course begins the advanced level of photography and is designed for students who have passed the beginning level. Advanced instruction emphasizes refinement of basic skills, individual creativity, and expansion of student knowledge. 
Prerequisite: Photo 1/2 
CSU/UC Requirement: F