L040 Symphonic Band 
Symphonic Band is intended for advanced band members. Strong emphasis is placed on performance thus participation is rehearsals and performances are mandatory.
CSU/UC Requirement: F

L145 Colorguard
This course acquaints students with the techniques of marching and performing routines in parade, field and indoor 
environments. Performance opportunities include home football games, competition parades, and field tournaments.

L190 Choir 
This course is open to all students. Attention is given to the performance of major choral works and participation in 
district and area festivals. CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L200 Ensemble
This select group requires a year’s experience in another choral group. Acceptance in the class is dependent upon 
tryouts and the teacher’s recommendation. 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L060 Introduction to Music 1/2 
This year-long course will expose the students to a wide variety of genres of music with an emphasis on “Rock ‘n Roll”. 
This course is open to all students.

L250 Guitar Class 
This class offers instruction in basic techniques and music fundamentals related to classical guitar performance. Guitars will be provided.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L255 Beginning Piano
This class is designed for students with little or no musical background. It is designed as an introduction to music in general, using the piano as the learning tool.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L280 Percussion Ensemble
This is a semester course for percussion players. Rudiments, cadences, parade and field show music are emphasized.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L290 Theatre 1/2 - (1st year) 
This is an entry level class in the drama program. Students study dramatic theory, pantomime, acting, dramatic writing, history of theatre, and team directing.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L292 Theatre 3/4 – (2nd Year) 
This course will emphasize acting, staging, directing, and lecturing.
Prerequisite: Theatre 1/2 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L294 Theatre 5/6 – (3rd Year) 
This is the third year of Theatre study. The emphasis is on production. Students take part in various plays.
Prerequisite: Theatre 3/4 
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L296 Theatre 7/8 – (4th Year) 
This is the fourth year of Theatre study. Students audition for this class and participate in the school productions.
Prerequisite: Theatre 5/6 
CSU/UC Requirement: F

L330 Technical Theatre1/2 – (1st year) 
This class covers design basics of set, props, costumes, make-up, masks, and puppetry, lights, sound, stage  management, publicity, box office and house management.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L332 Technical Theatre 3/4 (2nd Year) 
Application of set design and construction, lighting, sound, makeup, costuming, publicity, and house management are presented in conjunction with the school’s major play production.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L334 Beginning Dance 
This class will involve having students create movement using the basic elements of movement in time and space. Students will explore and experience various dance styles, techniques, rhythm patterns, and related dance skills i.e. costuming, programming and musicology. The course will also emphasize good body mechanics and alignment techniques to develop muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.
Can be taken for PE credit under P330.
CSU/UC Requirement: F 

L338 Advanced Dance 
This class includes advanced movement, technique and choreography with emphasis on performance. Acceptance in the class is dependent upon tryouts.